Last Year at Marienbad

Somewhere I found out that this was a film that said the same things that `Beware of a Holy Whore` did but in a better way. Since I didn`t really understand what that Fassbinder movie was about it seemed a natural choice (!) to watch this film here. It`s by Allain Resnais and tells a story of a man who tries to persuade a woman that they`ve met a year ago and that they were something like lovers. What I didn`t get, why is the supposed place of their meeting Fredrichsbad while the title says Marienbad. It`s not very clear which scenes happen in the past, which in the present, and which don`t happen at all. Changes of cameras from one location on to another while the same phrase goes on and the situation is still the same are quite interesting. There`s a third man present (not to be confused with that `The third man` film) who is probably the woman`s husband (by the way, characters don`t have names around here). Though the woman is played by Delphine Seyrig (I know her from `The Discreet charme of... ` by Bunuel where she plays one of the bourgeoise women). Overall the film would get maximum points for the idea, while it was by no means a very entertaining film.
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