Jan Svankmajer`s latest flick tells me a fairytale about a man who because of not being able to have children of his own gives to his wife a childlike treeroot, she madly starts to love. What makes a problem is the `childs` turning alive and eventually becoming quite a big eater. Other characters in the film are Alzbetka and her parents who live next to Bozenka and Karel (and their Otesanek). Alzbetka wants to protect Otesanek but it ain`t that easy for she is aware of an old woman growing cabbages that according to the fairytale shoud kill Otesanek. Some parts of the film are quite scary although many elements have already appeared in Svankmajer`s previouds works. What`s nice is the scene where Alzbetka is peeking through Karel`s door and the old pedophile of the house comes by and as she sees him Alzbetka says to him: "Stop now or you`ll have another heart attack!" Interesting idea, interesting realisation and what says the most is the fact that I was able to watch it until something like 2AM which I`m rarely capable of.
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