Radio Jah Jah
music — Latvia — 2004

Oh my God, for the first time I`m rating a piece of Latvian creation. It`s a double LP by my favourite Latvian band. The impression on the record is somewhat divided - while the first disc consisting of self penned material is pretty good - songs like "Don`t Forget", "Disaster" or "Lullaby" could fit on an album by a major band (those wouldn`t be the best songs on such a record but anyhow) but the disc of cover tunes is mostly a dissapointment. For example, why would anyone bother to cover `Hero` by Enrique Iglesias or (sic!) "You`re my heart you`re my soul" by you-know-who. And what is a total disgrace - it`s the cover version of `Cocaine` by J.J.Cale (falsely credited to John Cale in the liner notes) which is turned into a silly disco piece of garbage. "These boots are made for walking" are ok, but not as good as the version by Megadeath. "Don`t worry be happy" is not relaxed at all. The only highlight on the second disc is "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkel which sounds really fresh and energic. There are also two songs by Beatles on the covers disc but neither "Rain" nor especially "I`ve Just Seen a face" sound good on here.
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