Jirschi oder Die Flucht ins Pianino

First, let me put it out clear, why I decided to take this book from a public library - the title about escaping into a piano seemed to promise a bizarre tale not making very much sense - and it`s what I like in books. Later it proved though that there`s nothing strange about the book - it`s written by an old Austrian female writer and tells a story of a man who leaves his native Czechoslovakia because of the comming of the communist regime. Is it innovative? You gotta be kidding me - there`s that fictional writer who hears the story of Jirzi`s life and writes it down in the most casual manner one has ever experienced. Does it keep ones attention? At least partly, for the book is certainly good written but there are no big revelations comming up. What about the piano? Jirzi`s family owned a piano fabric once and he himself was keen on playing piano and did it in all his wanderings around the globe - slaughtering rabbits in Australia, cleaning a hospital in the States, living in a monastery in the USA, learning to become a priest in Rome, being a priest in Texas, retiring in Austria and finally visiting his homeland after the fall of the communism. And to give my final word - it`s one of those books that you read and later don`t remember a single thing about them.
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