The Killing

Stanley Kubrick directed "The Killing" as one of his first major films. In my humble opinion this isn`t the grandmasters best moment, although it isn`t particulary bad as well. For example, this film inspired "the Reservoir Dogs" by Quentin Tarantino, and that says a lot. A group of people decide to rob the money from horse racing, and for that they use local workers, a professional sniper, a fight instigator, and lots of other stuff. Everything so to say goes great until the moment, when the money is in the hands of the robbers, for trying to get it all for themselves they fail. Most of them die except for one man and his girl who take the money to an airport trying to leave the country but this last plan also fails because the suitcase opens and all the money blows in the wind. So it goes, Kurt Vonnegut would say. For a crime/action film this is a nice entertaining piece, for Stanley Kubrick - it`s nothing particulary special.
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