Monumental Propaganda
book — Russia — 2000

It`s been a many long year since I read this book (at the moment of the writing that is), because this is one of the pieces that came into the zone of no return when my computer crashed last summer. The date of reading is probably wrong as well, but I don`t really care for that. This is a story of a long time communist named Aglaya Revkina that is a fan of Mr. Stalin and even organized a monument of his in the little village where she lived (or was it a small town? i don`t care that much about it) and when Stalin became unpopular she even held the monument in her own apartmenet. There was also some guy who did some blowing up for local criminals in modern (post-soviet) Russia who lived in the same house with Aglaya, then there were some modern stalinists that started visiting Aglaya, to be honest, that`s the most of what I remember from this book. Also I remember that the first part was somewhat interesting, but as we were heading towards the conclusion the book became less and less appealing to me - and Mr. Voinovich became more and more traditional in the sense that many modern Russian writers do the same gangster-criminal style, although I did get that his main target probably was showing that a criminal is worse than a communist, for a communist at least has some ideals, still most communists are criminals and have no ideals (yeah, there were some scenes with people that at first glorified Stalin, than spat at him and the glorified him once again). Not to mention that the only time in her life when Aglaya had an orgasm was by looking at the father of the Soviet Union in person.
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