Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
book — UK — 1998

I guess I don`t need to provide you too much information on Harry Potter. But just to follow the form of my reviews I will provide a bit of information. As a child of wizards Harry got a scar on his forehead when an evil wizard named
Voldemort (whom I like to reffer to as Wolzha) killed his parents. After that he was raised by muggles (non-magical people) but still got to a school for wizards. In this part (which is the only part of the soap opera I`ve read) he has to escape from the muggles who are his aunt and uncle (yippie! an evil uncle!) to be able to return to school. But the trouble only starts there, for there`s a monster from the chamber of secrets that has been unleashed by non other than Wolzha himself by using an old diary of his. There`s a character I feel attracted to in this book - it`s a ghost named the Nearly Headless Nick - a guy who complains most of the time that his head wasn`t completely cut off and therefore he can`t join the headless riders. Since this is a book for children, you can`t expect revelations to be found in here. There are certainly many much more successful in terms of quality books for children but this one still ain`t that bad.
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