David Copperfield

Now we are hooked on classics. And who can be a bigger British classic than Mr. Dickens? Only the metre Shakespear himself, but he`s too goddamn old. David Copperfield once was a sensation, and it does have its strong points even now. In this huge novel we get to follow the life of a boy who has it tough from the beginning. His father doesn`t come back from the war before David is born. His mother marries a villain who driver her into the grave, and leads his stepson into physical work at a very small age. David escapes and runs away to his grandaunt, a very interesting person, who because of some strange reason dislikes donkeys more than anything (how can a person be so rude not to like those adorable creatures)! After that his life improves a little, David goes to a good school, meets the Nora - the girl of his dreams (who`s quite childish and stupid), marries her, has problems because of a guy named Uriah Heep ("July Morning" - you got to know that song), his wife dies, he marries the one woman that had loved him his entire life (Agness, the daughter of an influential lawyer that once offered David a place to live). The ending is certainly banal - the good characters live happily ever after, the bad ones are punished (even the ones that certainly would have escaped from that), but that goes without saying for such a moral work. But it`s still worth reading, especially if you have a good taste in classical literature.
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