2 Fast 2 Furious

Are you fast? Are you furious? Do you have a cool fast car that you know you can race to the ground? I sure don`t. And therefore I don`t need this movie. Is it cliches you want? Then you got it. Is it a good action movie you`re after? Then you got another thing coming. A totally cool dude has to work for the police in order not ending up in the jail together with his black pal from the childhood days who`s angry with him. They must help to catch a major drug dealer. And what do they do for that? Of course, they do drag-races. And those races are CGI! They can`t even make a decent race without using a computer for that. And there`s a pretty chick who`s the bad guy`s girlfriend, but who really is good, and not bad. And she`s in love with the main hero, and there`s crash! boom! bang! and there`s nothing you can remember about this movie when just a few months have passed after watching it. It reminds me of "XXX" most of the time, but I was never a fan of that movie with a porn title in the first place, and there`s absolutely nothing a dumb cover version of that film can attact my attention with.
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