music — Latvia — 2004

I can`t really believe a Latvian band recorded this album. Hospitalu iela is a relatively unknown band, but this record absolutely rocks. What does it sound like? A bit of pop, a bit of rock, a bit of reaggae, a bit of national elements - something like that. Most of the songs are easy to memorise and sing along, but that doesn`t mean that they are primitive. The arrangements are nice, I especially dig the violins. The best songs? "Par kiosku", "Vilcene", "Sinepes".
Their musical style could be described as a mixture of reagae, Latvian folk music and Russian band Akvarium, thus coming up with a very enjoyable collection of songs that not only have nice vocal hooks but also are memorable on the lyrical side and have generated several phrases that have gained a wide usage on the Latvian "alternative" scene.
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