A Very Modern Love Story

Where can a modern love story take place? Of course, on the internet. And it`s the place where Beverly and Maximilian meet one another. The book consists of chat messages and e-mails - it`s just like a traditional epistholar novel with the slight change that each letter has a recepients address having the @ simbol in it and a subject. Otherwise it`s quite trivial - she`s married, he isn`t. She`s happy in her marriage, until she accidentally has a one night stand with him without knowing that it was the person she had been sending emails for quite some time. They try to overcome this misunderstanding, and the more they get to know each other the more they love one another. They meet one more time and later decide to stay together, but on his way to meeting her Max`s plain crashes and he dies. Romantic, isn`t it? In the first few chapters the form of the book seems quite fresh but while I continued reading after the novelty factor had worn off it turned out that there wasn`t that much in this book. Even if you write a trivial story in the binary form it still remains banal, no matter how artsy you try to be.
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