Big Fish

Ed Bloom was a mysterious man that told different strange stories to the people surrounding him and especially to his son. But when he grew up the young Will Bloom didn`t believe in anything his father told him anymore, be it a village where nobody wears shoes or be it a man in the size of a mountain. But when analysing his fathers tales more through out Will understands that they aren`t completely imagined, that there are facts which they are based upon but every storyteller adds a bit spice to his tales so they would be less boring. And Will learns to understand, what a really amazing person his father was and on his fathers dying bed he understands that it is up to him to keep the good name of the storyteller, or something like that. In the end we see the heroes of his fathers stories coming to his burial, and here they are - the giant is big but not huge, the twins aren`t siamese, but that doesn`t change the fact that Ed Bloom was a man of a great value, and that is what his son needed to learn. I enjoyed watching this film, as it has some interesting imagery, it is a fairy tale, that`s true, but how can you not love a fairy tale as beautiful as this one?
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