Ju-On: The Grudge
film — Japan — 2003

Those pesky Japanese know how to make a good horror film. And here we get a chance to see one. Although the plot isn`t particulary good. I`m not even sure that there is one. There`s a haunted house where a man killed his wife, his child and his cat. Later on everyone who went into this house died. There`s no reason why that happened, and not even a real mistery, but the images are scary in the typical Japanese way. There`s a strange child that sometimes looks pale and sometimes doesn`t but all the time looks disturbed and scary. There are strange noises, people die then and now. You can`t feel safe anywhere, because creeping females can catch you everythere. A social worker, a retired policeman, his daughter, her friends,an active policeman are among the people that die because of the grudge. Probably, if you watch the film more than once you will be able to find out what the plot was all about, but the bare thought of doing that alone in my room gives me the shivers. Of course, this ain`t no "Ringu" but this most certainly is a decent horror film that will disturb your sleep if it wants to.
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