Kniga stranstvij

Igor Guberman is a Russian-Jewish writer of something that you would call poems if you had a higher respect for the guy. This book here at least doesn`t consist only of poetry since I`m no fan of any form of poetry I don`t really like this kind of stuff. But what this book provides is funny stories from Gubermans own life. Some of them may not be true, but the author in the preface mentions that while other people drink to forget he drinks to remember something that he never knew. The first part of the book about Gubermans life is really entertaining, if I don`t count that he sometimes tries to show how much he knows about sex. But the second part where he starts quite seriously discussing the problems of this world that seem to bother him, starts praising people he likes and putting down the ones he dislikes, the whole moralising thing goes down the drain. I don`t need a comedian to tell me serious stuff, he`s not that good at that, apart from spoiling the experience of this book it does nothing anyway.
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