Shrek 2
film — USA — 2004

When Shrek episode One first came out, it was a hit, and now it`s back and not in black. Shrek is a green ogre who rarely is in a good mood, which is no surprise for someone looking like him. He`s a mean bone crushing machine, but he has married a princess who has given up being pretty just for him. But everything isn`t that simple for princess Fiona has her parents that want to meet her newlywed husband but aren`t informed about his looks. Fiona`s father is played (or let`s say - spoken) by John Cleese. I totally adore him, but in this movie he`s nothing special. Probably, it`s because you never actually get a chance to see him (although the king does resemble Mr. Cleese`s appearance). And there`s a donkey in the film! And an evil fairy godmother! And Puss in Boots who sounds just like Antonio Banderas! What more can you want? Not that much. If this wasn`t a sequel and the funny usage of characters from different fairy tales wasn`t already a familiar thing to me, I would rate this thing higher, but you see - you can`t milk the same fairies more than once. Although I do like the fact that both leading characters don`t use the possibility to become good looking, `cos they don`t need that to be happy.
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