Fahrenheit 9/11
film — USA — 2004

Michael Moore is the director of "Bowling for Columbine" and in this film he still shows his documental style to criticize American government, and George W. Bush in person. Of course, Moore isn`t particulary neutral, you can simply feel how much he hates GWB and how much support he puts into the democratic party thus showing that there`s a choice between good and bad in the states, and I can`t really aprove it. But what the film shows is some cool things - starting from 2001/9/11, switching into the war in Afganisthan, over to Iraq and to Bushes interests in the Saudi Arabia - a country which brought Osama Bin Laden to the world. This film certainly is controversial, and it didn`t win the palm at the Cannes film festival for no reason, but in comparison to the Bowlind movie it isn`t extremely strong, for it lacks the horrorous feeling of watching something unexpected. Most of these things Moore shows in this movie are already known to a wide audience, and for me in person. But what was good - it was an American soldier singing "Fire Water Burn" by the Bloodhound Gang as a patriotic piece of music in order to keep the spirit of the soldiers up.
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