50 First Dates
film — USA — 2004

Can you imagine what it would be like if "Memento" had been a cheesy comedy? Here you have it, and it`s entitled "50 first dates". Henry Roth is a guy who lives in Hawaii and works as a marine biologist. But what he does best is making love to tourists from the continental States. Suddenly his life changes when due to unexplainable reasons he falls in love with a girl named Lucy. Everything would be great, if Lucy hadn`t suffered a serious accident some time ago that made her lose her long term memory because of which she never remembers what happened the day before and thinks that it always is her fathers birthday. Henry uses different tricks to make her remember him, and in deed she does, but only by seing him in her dreams, in the wakening on the contrary she`s incurable. Her father and her on steroids feeding wet dreaming brother at first try to keep Henry away from her, but later they become pals with him. And Henry starts every day by showing a movie explaining everything to Lucy, as the years go by. That`s what I like about the film - it`s the ending. And Adam Sandler isn`t that bad as well, as you could guess he could be. But it still is just a silly comedy.
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