book — Germany — 1927

Herman Hesse is one of the titans of 20th century literature. And being a titan he`s to heavy for me to be able to cope with. For example, this novel in question. I started reading it quite a lot of times before I actually was able to finish it. And not that it is very boring or something like that, it`s just hard to read. The main hero - the Steppenwolf is a man who metaphorically is a steppenwolf - a lonesome stranger in the modern society, but who enjoyes clean bourgeoisie and stuff connected with that. Harry Haller is his name. His own biography supposedly written by himself tells us how Harry wanted to enter a bizarre theatre, which can only be entered by paying with your mind for that ("Eintritt kostet den Verstand"). And there was a young female person who tried to cure Harry, to help him enjoy life and to prepare him for entering the theatre just so that he can kill her. And a jazz musician who seemed to be a primitive person but was in deed the owner of the strange theatre, in which Harry could see how he was constructed. It`s not that easy to describe anyway, and it`s not that easy to understand.
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