Bad Education

Do you like movies with lots of nudity? I bet you do, who doesn`t. Do you like movies with lots of male nudity? If there are enough naked women, I guess you have nothing against it. Do you like movies with lots of gay nudity? I bet you don`t unless you`re female. And this film falls in to the latter category. Pedro Almadovar has created a partly autobiograpical story about a guy who`s been sexually abused by a teacher in a catholic school in the Franco days. Ignacio has later become a writer. He wants to make a movie after his novel about his childhood, and his former lover Enrique helps him at that. But it turns out that Ignacio isn`t really himself but his brother who killed Ignacio with drugs. Anyway, it`s hard to explain, and it doesn`t make much sense either. What is good about such a film is that it shows to us, heteros, a completely different world from ours. What is bad about this film is that there`s nothing particulary spectacular about it. Well, of course, a film about Spain is never too grey or something like that but it still is nothing I would remember about in 10 years (except for one guy sitting up and down on another ones erected penis while that guy is asleep, and that`s not the best thing to remember from a movie).
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