Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
film — USA — 2004

Quite for a long time I was preparing to watch this film. The expectations were high on one side and low on the other. I knew that this film was supposed to be a very good one - according to its reviews, to the peoples` opinion who had already seen it. But it also made me think - if the public opinion wasn`t wrong once again as it had already happened quite often (I don`t mean "wrong" as an objective word but wrong for me). In this film Jim Carrey plays Joel - a man who has decided to erase his former girlfriend Clementine from his memory (just like she had already erased him). And to achieve that he didn`t consume maniacal amounts of alcohol like most of us would do but visited specialists that provided erasing the memories by reliving them. But somewhere in the process Joel understood that he didn`t want to lose Clementine, despite all the problems they had in their relationship. And together with her he wanted to escape from his memories and return to the real world, but he never managed to succeed at that. But the ending was positive - Joel met her once again, without knowing who she was and they fell in love, after that they learned to know the truth about their past but decided that even the upcoming conflicts didn`t mean more than their love. A very beautiful film. A must see.
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