I, Robot
film — USA — 2004

Isaak Asimov is not a Russian, and keep that in mind when you trash me to pieces with a pitchfork! He was just some Ami sci-fi writer that happened to be one of the best sci-fi writers ever. I guess it was just a coincidence that when Hollywood people wanted to make a brand new sci-fi film with Will Smith in the lead role they decided to call the film just like a collection of stories by I.Asimov. At least, there`s not too much of that book in this film. Ok, several characters have the names that have been mentioned in the book, but they don`t act in the way they should have, and neither do the robots. In the book robots never went on something like a war with the humans, and most certainly they didn`t have a red light to show when they were evil. But in the film we have a robot hating cop (the former fresh prince of Bel Air), a sexy shrink (which should be at least 60 according to the book) and an unusual robot fighting together to end the robots revolution. Yeah, and this film was inspired by "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and not by Asimov. There`s a human with a toon rabbit on one side, and there`s a toon villain on the other, and the good wins in the end. And everybody is happy once again.
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