The Yes Men

This is a documentary that certainly can challenge Michael Moore`s latest output "Fahrenheit 9/11" in terms of poor quality. Of course, the budget of this film isn`t particulary impressive, but it`s not a problem. The Yes men are people impersonating members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and participating in this way at different conferences. It`s funny to watch how serious people watch the Yes men make fun of them without realizing that what they`re hearing may be true but it most surely isn`t what the WTO would say. For example, when the Yes Men offer to sell in the third world countries at McDonalds recycled products - recycled through the sewage system from the American and European bathrooms, it isn`t just a joke, there`s much truth in it. And so it`s about the words that slavery wasn`t as efficient as keeping the slaves in their native Africa and forcing them work for peanuts there. But a gigantic inflatable phallus attached to a manager suit and equiped with a monitor still is a good laugh. It may not be a film for the big screen (it`s where I saw it) but it`s a film worth watching.
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