The Day After Tomorrow

Americans are fond of movies about the end of the world. I am not. In this film we see how because of the global warming the world could find itself in the middle of another ice age. A scientist unsuccessfuly tries to persuade the American government how grave the perspectives are, and then one day it begins. The temperature starts sinking, giant waves appear in the sea, killing everything encounter. The son of that scientist Sam (also known as Donnie Darko) is trapped in New York in a public library, and his dad comes to rescue him. The journey is long and complicated, but everything ends well for him. I don`t really want to go deep in the plot for it is full of stupid moments, but I guess that goes without saying for a catastrophe movie. What counts is that it is extremely politically correct: a black tramp, a black cop, an asian female scientist, a child with cancer. But talking about the content of the film - there`s only the CGI value, which I must say is good, but nothing else is important in this film. You can easily imagine the director saying "So, we spent all our money on special effects, now lets make some connection between them."
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