Pigeons on the Grass
book — Germany — 1951

The post war Germany is the location where this book leads us. And more exactly - its the post war Berlin (but before two German states where founded). We get to see the lives of quite many characters: Philipp, the unsuccessful writer, Emilia his money crazy wife, Carla - a young woman that has become pregnant from an afroamerican named Washington. And there`s Odysseus - another black soldier, then there`s Heinz - Carlas son. What is the book all about? It`s about ruined people that have no real reason to live. And its not only the Germans - there`s no big difference between them and the Americans. Oh, there are also some female teachers that have come on a visit to Germany; and a successful American poet. All of them interact in different ways, crossing their paths and going in the opposite directions further. What`s good about this book is its sincerity and beautiful language. What disturbs the reading is the length of the sentences which on one hand helps the language to be majestic but on the other hand makes the book very difficult to read.
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