Pieces of April

Does such a thing as the black sheep of the family exist in real life? I`m not so sure about that, but it surely exists in film and in literature. This film, for example, is about April who has been the black sheep of her family ever since her birth. She bit her mothers nipples when mom was trying to breastfeed her, she humiliated her brother and sister, she used drugs and stole things from home, never ever she did something good, she lived with a drugdealer, and now she invites the family over to thanksgiving. Since her mom has breast cancer, she decides that it may be her last chance to meet her daughter. April prepares to make a perfect thanksgiving meal at a perfect thanksgiving location, but almost everything goes wrong. Most of the time she`s running around looking for a stove, for hers has broken down. Her boyfriend at the same time is driving around doing nothing. The family also has its share of problems on their way to April, especially considering that everyone except for dad believes that the meeting is gonna be a disaster. And it is - when they see the crappy house in the strange neighborhood, and a scary black guy with blood all over his face turns out to be Aprils boyfriend they run away. But in the end contrary to logic, everybody still joins up and have a great time. This film is called a comedy, but some of its scenes remind much more of a drama. I liked Katie Holmes as April, so were Evette and Eugene (the black couple) really good, and the snobbish Wayne was also a character to remember. Most of the comic elements were memorable, but I didn`t finding the puking stuff very comic, especially since it was a cancer sick person who done that. The ending was very formulaic, and as for camera work - you could clearly see that this isn`t a big budget movie, and it isn`t meant to be a compliment.
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