I Love Your Daughter
film — Latvia — 2004

Since USSR collapsed the Latvian cinematography has been struggling - there`s not enough money, there`s not enough ideas, there`s not enough anything. The expectations before watching the film weren`t especially high but the first minutes sent them below the ice mark. First, there was some shaky camera work, even if it was on purpose, it still looked like shit. Then, the actors - the leading male actor Regnars Vaivars who appearantly is a scandalous theatre actor and director wasn`t impressive at all, and his female counter part didn`t seem to be much of an actress either. Then there was Uldis Dumpis - quite a famous Latvian actor whom I never liked, and my attitude didn`t change during this film. What about the story - a poor guy from the country marries a rich girl but the day of their wedding turns into a nightmare for he employed an undertakers agency for the job. And in the end he sued the agency for not doing their work right. This is a comedy, so they say. To be honest - the jokes are there, and if at least 10% of them were funny it wouldn`t be such a disaster. But they are not, most of them are flatter than the Earth in the minds of medieval people, and much flatter than the singer of "No Doubt". Throughout the film only one idea constantly arose - how much longer is this nonsense gonna last. 80 minutes, if you want to know. But it`s very much.
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