film — USA — 2004

What do you think of teen comedies? Some of them are quite good, and I`m not sure about this one. Let`s try to determine what my attitude towards it is. First, there`s this guy Scotty whos girlfriend dumps him and he decides that Mike - his female German e-mail friend is the one for him. But he has already screwed up - thinking that her name Mike was a male name when she tried to hit on him, he pushed her away. And now together with three of his friends he goes on a eurotrip to save what can be saved. Unexpectedly there`s not that much cliches in the film as I could have expected - at least all Germans don`t walk around in lederhosen and there aren`t that many french people in striped shirts with a moustache and a piece of long bread walking around. But of course, there is a German kid preparing to be Hitler. In the end Scotty of course gets the girl of his dreams, and so is everybody else happy as well. There are lots of gross jokes in this film, as you could guess, and there are a few good jokes as well. First, the English football hooligans are cool, then I liked the way Bratislava is shown in this film, and, of course, this guy telling that Europe is so small that you could actually walk from London to Berlin - just what you could expect from an American. For a teenage comedy it`s not bad, although the story is an exact copy of "Roadtrip" but who cares?
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