Welcome to the Jungle

Sean William Scott is so cute! Don`t you know him? His mom rocks! You still don`t know him? Why, it`s Stiffler from American Pie, of course. At the beginning of this film it seemed somewhat unexpected - mr. Scott doesn`t usually participate in serious action movies, he`s more of a silly character, and my theory wasn`t proved wrong. Of course, Scott`s character acted kinda silly. Beck (played by The Rock) is a cool guy for the most difficult missions, he`s sent by Billy on his last mission to find Billie`s son Travis who keeps looking for some artifact in the jungle of Brazil. To do what he`s supposed to do Beck must overcome a villain named Hatcher who runs a gold mine in Brazil, and Travis himself, who is a real dork most of the time. There`s also a sexy chick, who`s name I`ve already forgotten. Was it Michelle? No, but close to it, I guess. She`s the leader of local guerillas, who fight Hatcher. And there`s also a cool scotsman, who plays bagpipes. There are pretty good action scenes, the humor is mostly silly, but not offensive. Overall this is a nice film for relaxation when you don`t need to follow the plot or anything.
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