Garfield the Movie
film — USA — 2004

That red cat is driving me mad - how cool he is. Sadly Garfield isn`t as cool in the movie as he`s in the cartoons. He`s simply not lazy enough. Sure, he talks most of the time how lazy he is but he runs around like he was Hicham El Guerrouj. Of course, he has a reason for that - his master John Arbuckle (who by the way is too cool to be himself) takes a stupid puppy to impress his beloved female. First Garfield does everything to get rid of the annoying Odie but after he`s the one responsible for the dogs dissapearance he goes to rescue him (hey, this movie is just like "Labyrinth" only there`s no David Bowie in here). But a moneysucking no-good villain has already taken the dog away. I don`t really want to say anything about the ending - it`s even more predictable than what`s gonna come after this word "than". Judging the animation - I don`t really like the 3D Garfield in comparison to the 2D one - he looks to computerised to me. But what stood out and earned at least a whole extra point for the film was a thing that had absolutely nothing to do with the filmmakers - I watched it in some weird Russian translation - and it rocked! A wacky weirdo spoke in this translation using a whole lot of Russian words none of us watching had ever heard. Man, was that cool
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