Gesammelte Werke 1931
book — Germany — 1993

Here we continue our trip on the Magical History Tour. Not in the Beatles style, of course, I mean my German project. And this stop here is once again something unexpected. But it`s not entirely good, for the book in question is a part of the collected works of this writer (about whom I until a very recent time knew absolutely nothing about), and collected works means - a whole lot of useless stuff. The long story "Castle Gripsholm" is quite a good work and so are some of the most story-like pieces of this book, but the author seems to have written quite a load of book reviews himself, and I really have no good use for knowledge what Tucholsky thought about second class German writers of the 1930`s. What I do find interest is his awareness of what`s coming in terms of politics in Germany - the rise of Hitler which wasn`t complete back in 1931, and it was quite an important subject for Tucholsky, him being a Jew. And he was at some points impressively cynical, satyrical, etc. I guess the selected works of this author might have found a good place in what I call "classics" but this collection just isn`t consistent enough.
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