The Da Vinci Code

Rarely have I encountered such problems writing a review of a book as the ones I have right now. And why is that? Because the book in question is not only a worldwide bestseller that has left quite an impact on zillions of people but mainly because my attitude towards it isn`t really determined. There`s this professor Langdon who tries to solve the mystery of a French guy who did some important work in the Louvre. He`s wanted for murder of that fellow by the French police, but there`s the dead man`s granddaughter helping him. Together they try to solve both this mystery and the mystery of the holy grail itself. The ideas of the book? Not too many of them, I must say, basically it`s the holy femininity that has been hidden by Christianity through the ages, and now has to be revealed. The writing is pretty plain - Dan Brown is surely no great literate - his writing style is simple and clichesque, the tension isn`t especially high and the riddles are not too inventive. You see, I like the message, but I don`t like the letter, that`s something like that. In the hands of a better writer this could have been a great book, and a great film could be made from this, but as it is - it`s not much more than a good video game, something between "Broken Sword" and "Tomb Raider".
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