La Jacquerie
book — France — 1828

Can you imagine the days of the feodals when you kissed your masters hand and let him have sexual intercourse with your wife, daughter and even your dog? I guess, you can`t. Neither can I. But P.Merimee could. And that`s why he wrote this play. There`s like this village somewhere in France where those aristocrates do what they want, then there`s monks who also do what they please to do, and last there`s the working class slob. And this guy named Jean, who happens to be a monk himself, leads the mob to rebellion against their masters. It all turns out to be a blooshed, and even the purest of hearts turn sour at that (like Jean himself). He got his left and right hands - there`s Pierre who`s in love with the local aristocrats daughter (who by the way considers him as a man of low origin worse than a dog), and a rebel living in the woods calling himself Werewolf - a nice fellow, imho. This seems to be historically very acurate, and even interesting to read. A bit too old-stylish for me, but nevertheless a good play. Although I have absolutely no idea how this could be shown on a stage. A film version would certainly make more sense.
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