The Inspector General

The get-up of Nikolai Gogols` play "The Inspector General" aka "Revizor" at the New Theatre of Latvia has got spectacular reviews in Europe and has won quite a lot of awards. So, going to watch this play my expectations were higher than usual. And no wonder - the play itself is a classic, and if the performance is that good - what could stop this from being an unforgettable experience? The fact, that it wasn`t that good. The scene has been transformed from the 19th century Russia into something like 1960s Soviet Union, with everyone looking Soviet to their bones. That isn`t a problem for me, I don`t look for blasphemy everythere, and I liked the artificial nudeness of some characters, but overall the whole thing was not too interesting. So, there were some chicken on the stage. Ok, no problem. So, Hlestakov is a little whiny loser, that`s still no problem. So, the actors do a "Stomp" impersonation, that`s still ok. But where was the magic they told there should be? It`s just professional, and nothing more. I gotta admit, it may be no deeper meaning to find, what turned me off, but still there was something missing - that wonder potion in the air that makes your knees totter after leaving the theatre. Something that makes art art. Otherwise I may read aloud the writing on the wall in the foyet of the theatre: "Fuck the art!"
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