Gesammelte Maulwuerfe
book — Germany — 1993

Mr. Eich himself called the stories/essays he wrote "moles". This is the kind of book which makes you dizzy and raving. It`s whacky like nothing else you`ll be likely to encounter. You see, it makes very little sense most of the time, for the stories are weird. They are strange and very short. Like there`s this one guy flying in the direction contrary to the rotation of the earth trying to save up some time. Or a person capable of living only in a place starting with PA. Most of them have no story to tell at all, they are just absurd images. This would make a great psychedelic experience. Heck, it makes a great psychedelic experience! It has no point, or I simply don`t see one, but I don`t require it anyway.
Quote: "Hinter der zuen Tuer wohnt Leibniz, habe ich mir sagen lassen. Bisweilen erhebt er seine Stimme, aber er ist sein eigener Partner. Er verkehrt nur schriftlich mit der Welt, oft hoere ich nachts seine Schreibmaschine, und ich klopfe and die Wand, um ihn an der Erfindung der Diferentialrechnung zu hindern."
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