The Girl Next Door
film — USA — 2004

Welcome back to the amazing world of teen comedies. This dude, who`s name I have already forgotten, who`s the school president but overall - something between a geek and a dork, he notices a sexy chick that has moved in next door. And as he watches her undress, she notices him. And what do you know? Something remotely similar to a romance begins between them. But problems arise when the guy finds out that Danielle (that`s the chick. yeah, I remembered her name!!!) is a porn actress, even more than that - a porn star. And her producer who`s a cool and tough guy comes to town. And everything starts going wrong for the guy, as he does many things he shouldn`t have done. In the end though, as you could guess without even planning to do so, he gets the girl and earns a whole lot of money by making a sex education film for schools. And this is it. What about the value of the film? It`s one of those films that`s not too easy to watch, for the hero does everything to make you feel sorry for him - acts more than like and idiot, like an imbycile or even worse. The plot is stupid, of course, and for people that don`t like romantic teen comedies, this is not a film to watch. But what`s amazing - is that it features some of the best music ever written - I have no idea how a film of this quality managed to get "Under Pressure", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Purple Haze" and "Baba O`Riley" on the film. Not that these songs fit well in, but it`s still pretty cool to hear something of this kind in a film where most of the time you hear contemporary shite.
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