Coffee and Cigarettes

Dear God! What on earth made me watch this film made by Jim Jarmusch - the most crazy of them all American film directors? He never records anything in color and he never records anything with much action in it. And why did I watch this film? First, because it was pretty good. Of course, it wasn`t particulary full of action scenes (if you don`t count drinking coffee and smoking), but as a comedy based on sketches it worked quite good. Then there`s the actors - where else do you get both members of the "White Stripes", Roberto Benigni, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan and Bill Murray together in one picture? So, what`s the best sketch in this film? I personally liked the one about Elvis`s brother, the one featuring Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan was also good, but I still consider "Nothing`s wrong" as the best one. Of course, the camera work is minimalistic, so are the settings, but this film really has got something that makes it interesting, although I don`t really know why it didn`t bore me. But it didn`t! Probably that Jarmusch fellow isn`t as evil as I supposed he was!
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