Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
film — USA — 2004

Oh, boy, welcome to the horrific world of teen comedies! You know, the kind of stuff where you get two stupid jerks going on something like a roadtrip and encountering everything you can name on their way. There`s this Chinese dude Harold and his cool Indian pal, and they decide to go and have some burgers after smoking some weed. But it turns out that getting the right kind of cheap untasty burgers isn`t as easy as they would like it to be. So they get bullied by some assholes, they encounter a cheetah that has escaped from the zoo, their car gets stolen by a celebrity, one of them gets put into jail. Then there`s the problem of getting laid which is quite important to Kumar, and which is complicated for Harold for he loves a girl he has never dared to speak to. Of course, in the end everything turns out to be great, everyone is happy, hurrah! About the jokes: most of them are completely stupid, not in the league of "Dorm Daze" though but not much better. The plot is stupid, even for a teen comedy. The characters - not particulary interesting. I don`t really know what`s good about this film. Probably that it`s better than "Dorm Daze", but not anything else.
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