Live Forever

This film is subtitled as "The Rise and Fall of Britpop". That means we get to hear from such bands as "Oasis", "Blur", "Pulp" and "Massive Attack". Although I don`t find MA particulary britpopish. Well, whatever. The film is basically a documentary - it shows the guys from the bands talking, plays some fragments of the songs, has some videos in it. What do we learn? First, that Britpop was supported by the new Labour party (when Tony Blair was still in opposition) and that it got dumped by the politicians. Which was no particular wonder at all. What else? That Liam Gallagher is a complete idiot, but I guess that`s no surprise to anyone at all. What we don`t get is almost nothing about "The Verve" and "Radiohead" - two quite typical British bands of the 90s. The choice of music for the film is certainly superb, but the way the film is made isn`t. First, there`s close to no connection between what different people say in this film. Ok, it is chronological but there`s nothing really tying it up together - like a voice from the back of the screen saying: "And in December 1995 Liam got hit by a rubber duck." It`s pretty amateur I must say. Ok, probably it`s meant that way for the style of Britpop is quite amateur as well, but it doesn`t work well. And what also surprised me - is how can you make a film where you get so much talk about Oasis not mentioning that they are nothing more than a carbon copy of the Beatles? And to call them the best band in the world? You gotta be kidding.
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