Happiness in Magazines
music — UK — 2004

I have never been a huge fan of Blur - the band that brough Graham Coxon money, fame and glory. And that`s the reason why I didn`t fall extremely fast for his latest record. What can you expect from a guy from a band that you don`t particulary like? Probably a record that you will find ok, but certainly not much more than that. Probably it would be just the case, hadn`t I recently found some interest for Britpop and similar kind of music. I don`t really know whether this record had any hits, but for good ol` me it`s a nice 45 minutes of easy listening mostly upbeat rock music. "No good time", "Hopeless Friends" and "Freakin` out" are the best songs on the record to my bet. This album probably can`t shake no big ground and make Graham Coxon the coolest guy on the planet Earth (this title already belonging to Vanilla Ice), but I can`t make me say that I don`t like this kind of music. So, it`s probably nothing terrific, but I like it, and why shouldn`t I?
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