film — USA — 2004

Hurrah! I have watched one of the endless row of big-screen epics about a hero from the days of old! And this film not only got bad reviews, but it failed to score at the box office and was presumably a piece of trash. Which was a surpise to many, since it had Oliver Stone as the director and Anthony Hopkins on the cast (although not playing Alexander, which would be a silly thing knowing that he died at the age of 32). Still, this film shows almost the entire life of Alexander the Great. What is the biggest controversy is his love to his male-friend Hefastion, although the film has no bed scenes between those two characters. What it does have is two quite solid fights, a beautiful city of Babylon, and something to think about. Alexander`s father Phillip (played brilliantly by Val Kilmer) is an agressive and quite rude man but he isn`t really a negative character, and that`s a good thing that there are no real villains in this film, just as there are no real heroes. Angelina Jolie looks certainly funny as Alexander`s mother being at the same age as her son - Colin Farrell. This film isn`t certainly the best thing that could be made from the life of Alexander the Great, but it`s pretty solid and I certainly found it to be much better than the average rating it`s supposed to get.
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