Please Describe Yourself
music — UK — 2004

Although this album was released in midsummer I never heard anything about the band. Come on, do I have to know of every single band with a stupid name? It seems, that I should have heard about this one. For this album is really good, certainly better than most new British or American bands can come up with. It`s a bit sad, of course, and a bit optimistic, of course. When I was completing the list of the best songs of 2004 I had a hard time deciding which of the songs from this album I should choose. Just because most of them are really good. The album has solid and interesting melodies. What about the lyrics? I haven`t really though about the meaning of the songs yet, for there`s no need to. What are the highlights? First, it`s "Paul Newman`s Eyes" - which reminds me of something like "Madness" - a very nice and optimistic little thing. Then there`s the pop/punkish "Pasttimes and Lifestyles" - with that bit of britishness that makes it sound fresh despite being quite a simple song in terms of melody. And, of course, there`s the romantic "Somewhat off the way". The least interesting songs are "Modern woman" and "Apples and Oranges", but they`re still ok. This is one of my guesses for the best album of the year.
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