Who Killed the Zutons
music — UK — 2004

This is a band similar to `the Coral` but the debut album by the Zutons left a better impression upon me than the latest disc recorded by their elder colleagues. This style of music is, of course, mainly influenced by British bands from the sixties, but I like the sixties, so it`s no problem for me. The arrangements on this album are pretty good, not too intensive, of course, but memorable. "Moons and Horrow shows" is something that you can listen to when being in your car on a country road and you don`t need to hurry but you can look at the landscapes slowly passing by. "Zuton Fever" has a very solid starting riff. "Remember me" is a partly rare kind of song - it`s about a guy who`s unhappy that his best friend doesn`t care for him anymore now when he`s got a girlfriend. I personally consider this album a very good one not only in terms of music but also in terms of music. "Railroad" is nice. So is "Pressure point". There`s surely this thing that most of these songs remind me of something, seem familiar, but they still sound good, even if this isn`t a breakthrough in the world of music. By the way, "Pressure Point" has something from "Deep Purple". It`s probably the best thing I`ve heard this year that has been recorded in 2004 (although I haven`t been following the music industry too tightly). And I certainly must change my position that there`s no new good music in the world. You just have to look for it in the right places.
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