Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker
music — UK — 2004

This is one of the relatively new bands coming from Liverpool, with a style of something like British garage rock. They are apperantly quite big but I don`t care who`s big and who`s not. And the Coral aren`t particulary interesting (at least judging by this record). Not that it doesn`t try to be diverse but it`s plainly not too interesting and not too listenable. I read somewhere that the band tried to be a bit more alternative than it had been on the previous records, but I don`t think that it did them much good (not that I had heard anything else by them). For example, "Venom Cable" almost made my ears bleed with some silly unlistenable sounds. "I forgot my name" on the contrary is fairly good, reminding me of "The Monks" - an obscure sixties band. "Sorrow or the Song" is a nice romantic piece. But "Auntie`s operation" is a fest of bullshit. It`s something like an easy version for "Catholic Schoolgirls Rule" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed together with some song that the Kink could have done in the sixties. "Grey Harpoon" with a rhythm coming from the hip hop world is something quite amazing. But the biggest problem of the album is - it`s just too short to have the amount of bad songs it has. If there was something like 10 minutes of nonsense on an album with the lenght of an hour it would be ok, but this album goes on for only 28 minutes.
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