Big Fish

It`s a pretty rare thing to me - to read a book after watching the film based upon it. But since I really loved Tim Burton`s film, and this book ain`t no novelisation - it came out 5 years before the film - I decided to give Mr. Wallace a try. The story is, of course, similar to that of the film - Edward Bloom is dying and his son William is recollecting the memories of his father`s life. But there are some quite major differences between the versions. The film is a real fairy-tale, whilst the book has some dreadful moments in it. For example, the village that no one can leave. In the film no one can leave it because they must give up their shoes. In the book - an angry dog comes and bites off people`s fingers so they would be crippled like everyone else in the village. And Edward Bloom himself doesn`t have that great of a life as he did in the film. It`s less romantic, I suppose. But his death is a bit more interesting in the book - with four different endings of Bloom`s life. The actual ending is similar to that of the film but I still say that this is the rare case there the film has outmatched the book, although the book itself isn`t bad, it just isn`t that great.
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