Resident Evil: Apocalypse
film — USA — 2004

I have never played the computer game "Resident Evil". I have never even seen somebody play it. I haven`t watched the first part of this movie because I thought it would be bad. And what do I do? I watch a sequel of a film that`s made after a computer game! And now you probably think that I`m gonna say - man, it was awesome, I never expected anything like this. But I`m not gonna say it. First, because I want you to feel embarassed, but that`s not the main thing. The film just wasn`t that good. It was no good at all, to be short. Milla Jovovic (calling herself Alice) is a woman that got "upgraded" by a virus (biological weapon) that kills people and then turns them into zombies. The bad company that runs the city where the virus is closes the city down and lets it go down. But Milla plus one another cool chick who looks like Lara Croft, a silly rap talkin` black guy and some others try to win the battle versus the zombies. And there`s a huge super zombie as well (named Nemesis). Well, if you want dumb action - you got, but on the other hand every action film can provide you with dumb action. And there`s nothing except that in this dissapointing film.
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