The Incredibles
film — USA — 2004

Why are 3D animated, computer generated cartoons better than the ones that are drawn by hand? Is computer already better than an artist? Of course, not. But artists working for 3D cartoons receive more money, and that makes the difference. The Incredibles, for instance, despite being a cartoon about superheroes somehow manages to leave the impression of being quite fresh. First, we get a bit of reality when superheroes need to turn down their actions because they always get into trouble with lawyers. Then we join the life of a perfectly normal superhero family which has an incredibly strong dad, a very flexible mom, a dissapearing daughter and a ultra-fast son. By the way, just like it usually happens - the daughter is older than the son. What`s this supposed to mean? After being fired from his non-super job Mr. Incredible starts working for a stranger, which just happens to be the supervillain planning to take over the world. It sounds silly, doesn`t it? And it partly is, and partly isn`t. First, there`s perfect computer graphics. Then there`s enough of humour. And then - although the characters aren`t particulary deep they are easy to accept as what they are. If you`re not for something particulary "mind shaking" The Incredibles is quite a good choice for you.
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