film — USA — 2004

Can you make an action film deep and insightful? Never mind the answer, the creators of this film certainly try to achieve that. Tom Cruise who calls himself Vincent is a hitman who must kill five people within a single night. To do that he hires Max (a black taxi driver) to drive him around. As you can guess, Max doesn`t know from the start the mess he`s in. The whole movie leads to Vincent killing a young woman that Max met before Vincent got into his cab, and about Max saving her from the vicious killer. The action part isn`t actually particulary interesting, but the most time Max and Vincent just are driving to a location where someone must be killed and with them talking about moral, the meaning of life etc. Vincent is absolutely cold blooded but he isn`t that simple as you could have probably guessed. Still he uses words to destroy Max`s life thus provoking his own death. As you probably know, I`m not particulary into action films, some moments of this film were certainly predictable, it wasn`t very realistic, but on the other hand - I`ve seen much worse films that this one.
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