National Treasure
film — USA — 2004

Boy, do we get a whole lot of templar and mason shit nowadays! Like this film for instance - there are those weirdos the Templars that take hold of a really massive treasure but they don`t spend it on drugs and women, oh, no, they hide it somewhere where noone could find it for the treasure is too huge for any living man. And when the chance comes they (already having become masons after the templars were eliminated) smug the whole thing to the US of A (which weren`t the US of A at the time yet). Since they don`t want the British to take hold of the treasure they hide it and make some weird clues for themselves to remember the place where they hid it (including a secret message on the back of the original Declaration of Independance). And nowadays a guy named Gates (just like good ol` William) who`s family held a part of the key to the secret goes to rescue the treasure before the bad guys get it. He`s accompanied by a weirdo who`s brilliant with computers and a sexy chick. What can you do without a sexy chick? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So, what good is this film? First, if you`re into discussing whether what happens in this film could be real, whether the conspiracy of the masons could still be living - my answer to you, Sire, is: buzz off! This film isn`t about the templars - it`s about action and adventure. If you can`t tolerate something like this - don`t! I found this film as a good piece of entertainment, with pretty solid acting and one lovable character - the computer guy. Oh, by the way, the beginning is extremely American patriotic and the ending is extremely cheesy and over-the-top optimistic... as if you couldn`t guess that without me telling you that.
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