The Breakfast Club

If you wonder why did I watch this film - here comes the answer. There`s this song "1985" by an obscure band named "Bowling for Soup". And what is this song about? The year of 1985, of course. And some films are mentioned. One of them is "The Breakfast Club". So I watch it. Five highschool students spend an entire Saturday at school because of a detention they got. They all come from different backgrounds each representing a certain social group. There`s a rich man`s daughter who`s a prom queen, there`s a sportsman, a math whiz + nerd, a goth chick and a wastebasket. The latter two are the most interesting ones, but the rest is also ok. Since they aren`t allowed to leave their seats (what they still occasionally do). They quarrel, they fight, they disagree, they form groups which fall apart momentarilly. They speak of things they find to be important, they are neither good or bad, but just are. The ending though spoils the impression of the film - two couples are formed, everyone is happy, you know the sugarry crap Hollywood endings that occur in 95% of the films from the gigantic soap factory. But if you watch the first four fifths of this film you`re bound to enjoy it.
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