Meet the Fockers
film — USA — 2004

It`s been a few years since the first part of this film "Meet the Parents" came out, and now the makers of that film decided that the right time has come to milk the cat once again. Milk the cat, get it? I`m so good at recycling jokes that I truly believe that one day I`ll have my own recycling company. But until that day I`ll watching stupid romantic comedies just like this one. Mr. Gaylord (aka Gary) Focker and his fiancee that probably also has a name of her own are planning to get married but first their parents must meet. And knowing the fact that Gay`s father is a house-husband while his wife is a sex therapist, but Mr. Byrnes worked his entire life for the CIA some problems may arise. And so they do, as a matter of fact. The good thing about the crap is that Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand play senior Fockers (not that I liked any of them, but they are good, aren`t they?). There`s a baby involved, a baby that`s not even born yet, and a child at the age of 15 is also here. Why do I tell so much about them kids? Hell do I know, I just want to write something more. The film wasn`t utterly disposable, but it was still pretty lame, and a bit too romantic for my perverted mind. Give me blood, guts and pussy (trademark of the Dwarves) you morons!
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